Bespoke Commercial Vehicle Bodies since 1920


Below are a selection of brochures illustrating our range of transporter, dairy and utility vehicle bodies. If you don't find an example relevant to your requirements, please Contact us and we'll be happy to help. With almost 90 years experience in building bespoke commercial bodies, we've almost certainly built something similar before.

Examples of Beavertail Transporter on Ford Transit and Renault Master ChassisExamples of Beavertail Transporter on Ford Transit and Renault Master Chassis
This brochure contains details of our standard Beavertail transporter bodywork, featuring all-alloy construction and a steel rear bearer incorporating number plates, ramp hook and side marker lights.
Examples of our Range of over 50 Standard Dairy Vehicle Bodies
This brochure provides 6 examples of our range of dairy vehicle bodies, featuring 19-40 crate decks. fully insulated and refrigerated bodywork and a wide variety of access: rollup, topslides and shutter sides.
image7Example of a Degasser Box Van with Towing Facility
This brochure illustrates the main features of our degasser box van design, incorporating side access doors, exterior access lockers, hydraulic driven generator and BICC degasser unit.
stores-delivery-fullIveco-Ford fitted with Heavy Duty Transformer and Switchgear Delivery Bodywork
This brochure illustrates our transformer and switchgear delivery bodywork. Basic equipment includes a Hiab crane, heavy duty lashing points, skirt lockers, and I beam rails in underfloor storage rack.
Example of a Long Wheelbase Land Rover 109 Utility VehicleExample of a Long Wheelbase Land Rover 109 Utility Vehicle
This brochure illustrates a Land Rover fitted with one of our utility body designs. Features include shutter sides with interior shelving, rear towing facility and front-mounted 8000 lbs line pull Ramsey winch.
live-line-fullExample of a Unimog Live Line Box Van
This brochure illustrates a Unimog Live Line Box Van. Features include insulated roof, roof rack and ladder, towing facility, beacons and working lights. Interior fittings are complimented by an Eberspatcher heater and hand wash.
image5Example of an Oil Filtration Vehicle
This brochure illustrates an oil filtration vehicle. Specification includes side access doors, equipment access shutters, tailift towing facility and skirt mounted AC generator. Interior fittings include PALL filtration system.
image6Example of a Substation Fitter Vehicle with Box Bodywork
This brochure illustrates a substation fitter vehicle. Features include rear and side access shutters, exterior access gas locker, tailfit and beacons. Interior fittings include stainless steel clean and dry oil storage.

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