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Commercial Vehicles

Osborne Motor Bodies converts standard vehicles into ones that are more suitable for your business. If you need your vehicle converted for your organisation or need to invest in an already converted vehicle, have you looked through our commercial vehicle options?


Refrigerated Vehicle

We have a variety of commercial vehicle body work options that we can convert your vehicle into. Do you have food delivery service where you need to keep your produce cool?

We can convert your van into a refrigerated one to ensure that your products reach your customers or your store as fresh as possible.

Bakery Goods

Does your bakery company need a van that is more suited to transporting baked goods?

Our box van conversions as part of our commercial vehicles service can help you turn your vehicle into just that.

Tipper Truck

How about a tipper truck for your workforce?

At Osborne Motor Bodies, we can transform a standard work truck into one that allows you to tip it in order to release materials that you need to work with.

Beavertail Truck

Do you run a small breakdown support service, do you need a vehicle that can collect a stranded car from the side of the road and able to bring it back to your garage?

We can carry out that procedure as part of our commercial vehicles conversion service.

If you would like more information on the options we highlighted above, or you would like to find out more about the other options available as either part of the commercial vehicle conversions or the other types of vehicles we can convert, then contact us on:

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