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Specialist Vehicle Conversions

When you are looking for a unique vehicle for your business or hobby, you might find that there is nothing out in the vehicle market place that does what you need it to.

You need a Specialist vehicle Conversion Company

Osborne Motor Bodies have been in the vehicle conversion business for many years (since 1920 in fact) and service clients all across the UK, converting standard vans, lorries and trailers into something unique and useable, including insulation and refrigeration.
It all started with a ride on a milk float, and a request to build a vehicle that was fit for purpose. You can read more about our company history by following this link:

What kind of specialist vehicles can we convert?

At Osborne Motor Bodies, we like a challenge and are known for the quality workmanship we provide to all our clients, big or small.

We have worked on many different types of vehicle, converting milk floats, utility vehicles, trucks, box vans and even trailers.

We specialise in converting vehicles from something inadequate to something that suits your needs.

If you are looking for a vehicle tailored and customised to your specific requirements, then call in the vehicle conversion specialists now.

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