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Vintage Vehicle Conversions

Do you own a food or beverage truck and want to invest money into offering a more ‘vintage’ experience for your customers?

Here at Osborne Motors we are proud to be able to offer you vehicle conversion services that give your old vehicle a new lease of life! It’s finally time to make your dream of owning a classic vintage commercial vehicle for your business a reality!

“I don’t yet have a vehicle, what are my options?”
If you don’t already own your vehicle you are able to either buy one elsewhere and bring it to us when you are ready to convert, or you can buy a complete vehicle from us here.

“What are the benefits of Vintage Vehicle Conversions?”
It looks great!
There are many benefits of converting your vintage vehicle for commercial use, and one of them is that you can’t beat that classic vintage vehicle look that many of your competitors will be envious of. Imagine your customers at a food festival, will they opt for the modern truck or head towards the funky vintage truck? I know what I would choose!

It’s more cost effective!
Rather than having to shell out expenses on buying all brand new equipment and a new vehicle, converting your existing vintage vehicle can save you money. This means that you may have more money to reinvest in your business and offer an even better service or products!

Can be made to suit you!
Instead of searching high and low for a vintage commercial vehicle that suits your needs, you can convert your commercial vehicle and make it exactly how you need it. Whether you need shelving completing or lights adding to the interior, we can work with you in order to make your vintage commercial vehicle exactly what you need it to be.

Want to find out more about our vintage vehicle conversion services?
Visit our website today or get in touch with us today on 01371 831313 to discuss your vintage commercial vehicle conversion needs further.

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