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Osborne Motor Bodies is a commercial vehicle bodybuilder. We have worked on many projects and are always looking for a new challenge. Check out one of our many specialist vehicle conversions.

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Why Osborne Motor Bodies?

Nothing is impossible we are long-standing Supertrucks partner. Osborne Motor Bodies has developed a unique suite of specialist vehicle bodybuilding skills.

The Food Truck Industry

The Food Truck industry is an exciting industry which is still on the increase across the UK. It is very exciting going to a city and discovering something going on where different cuisines are being sold from eccentric converted vehicles. Or being in a remote location and being able to serve local villages your unique food. Choosing the right commercial vehicle to convert is very important.
15 Essential Items for Your Food Truck- The equipment you keep on board your food truck, van or cart will depend on how much space you have and what you will be cooking, but as a guide we recommend you look into the following items:

  • Separate sinks for hand-washing and dish-washing.
  • A draining board.
  • A grease trap.
  • A clean and secure waste disposal system.
  • Water heaters and tanks.
  • An extractor fan for steam.
  • Good lighting.
  • Electrical outlets away from water.
  • Suitable fire-fighting equipment.
  • A protective screen at the ordering window to protect the food from customers.
  • Storage for utensils.
  • Storage for food and ingredients.
  • A fridge (and freezer if necessary).
  • A grill/fryer/stove or other relevant cooking equipment.
  • A safe, clean food preparation area.

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