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Milk Float – Past and Present

Vintage conversion

It is always interesting to look back and see how things have changed throughout the years, especially with the new technology and different cars we now drive compared to the traditional horse and carriage many years ago!

In today’s society milk floats are either battery operated or a specialist converted commercial vehicle. However many years ago people got their milk delivered by a horse drawn carriage.

The classic milk floats that date back from 1935 to 1982 are currently being kept at the Transport Museum in Wythall, so you can visit and reminisce about how your milk was delivered!

In today’s society it’s very rare to see a traditional electric milk float on the roads, and it often makes us nostalgic whenever we are lucky enough to see one.

On the roads you are more likely to see converted vans that have been designed to carry and refrigerate dairy products. It is necessary in today’s modern society to be able to keep products fresh, and having a vehicle that can be converted to suit this need is necessary, this includes fitting options such as ‘Produce Boxes’ and ‘Insulated Crates’.

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