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At Osborne Motors, we take pride in the large amount of dairy vehicles we have been able to convert. Find out more by visiting our website.

Milk Floats

The need for ever greater range lead to the demise of the Iconic electric milk float due to its limited battery life. Its internal combustion engine replacement was invariably a diesel chassis cab with a float body fitted. Milk Floats recently added to our fleet A recent addition to the Osborne range is the DFSK…
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Three used vehicles due to go out

Osborne Motor Bodies have recently supplied three used Ford Transit 350 milk floats to a regular Lincolnshire customer. Osborne sourced the used chassis cabs direct from B.T. with guaranteed low mileage and full service history. Customers can then specify bodywork of their choice from the full Osborne Dairy range. This used vehicle service offers customers…
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Do you need a new dairy vehicle?

Are you looking to add to your dairy vehicle fleet but unsure whether to invest in a new milk float model or used dairy vehicle? Here at Osborne Motor Bodies we have the ideal solution for you! If you have an older vehicle which no longer has a use we can transform it into a…
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Specialist Vehicle Conversions

When you are looking for a unique vehicle for your business or hobby, you might find that there is nothing out in the vehicle market place that does what you need it to. You need a Specialist vehicle Conversion Company (more…)
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